The Team

René Heisselberg Pedersen - CEO

René is the CEO of Eyebab and wants to focus on business development and sales as well as ensuring that the team maintains momentum and that we create a sustainable market position. René brings extensive commercial and managerial experience from several companies and industries both in Denmark and internationally. In his spare time, René spends time with his family, traveling and being active with trail running in nature.

Kim Pagel - Creative Director/Partner

Kim is our creative manager with more than 35 years of experience in design, concept and product development, including 20 years of experience with 3D, animation and digital solutions. Kim's business experience is based on 18 years in LEGO's product development, with many years as Lead Design Manager, before he started the animation studio Lani Pixels - which is known for e.g. "The LEGO Story" that has over 40 million views on YouTube. Kim is solution-oriented and able to simplify complicated problems and is known for his creativity, great overview, hardworking, positive attitude and always striving for high quality and perfection.

Thomas Kirkfeldt - Neurooptometrist/Partner

Thomas is a specialist in vision, development, balance and has worked with vision training since 1997. At EYEBAB, he is the professional link in the areas of vision, development, reading, learning, balance, rehabilitation and vision training. In terms of his professional insight and experience, Thomas has a great influence on the concept of those of our apps used for brain injury and people with reading and learning problems. His spare time Thomas uses for nature walks, amateur archeology and on unicycle driving.

Thomas Pagel - Digital Producer/Partner

Thomas is responsible for the production and development of EYEBAB software and apps. He sees every problem as an exciting challenge and is good at finding a solution that raises the level. Thomas has more than 20 years of experience with 3D, animation and digital productions, and thus he has a high level of technical knowledge, where automation and digitalisation is natural for him. He has worked on projects for LEGO, Legoland, Saxo Bank, Novo Nordisk and Danfoss. In addition to his keen interest in digital productions and cutting-edge technologies, Thomas has a passion for traveling, film, animation, board games, photography and fast cars.

Armina Terza - Marketing Assistant and Content Writer

Armina is our happy and ever-smiling marketing assistant and content writer, who ensures that our communication is inspirational, informative and adds value. Armina joins us with a background from Aalborg University as Cand. Mag. in Culture, Communication and Globalization, and with work experience from a range of companies in Scandinavia. Armina is a creative person, and has played a part in decorating Aalborg Handelsskole with her artwork. She's also a very social and outgoing person, who enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Mikkel Fausing - Lead Developer

Mikkel is our chief developer, who leads the development of our most complicated and challenging apps. He has worked with many different facets of programming and visual development over the past 20 years and he can always find a solution to a problem. Mikkel is interested in many different technical disciplines, such as AI and machine learning. Most of his free time he spends with his family.

Rimon Bassem Hanna Issa - Software Developer

Rimon is the developer of the EYEBAB platform, our database and all our backend. He has a bachelor's degree in software development and has previously worked as a developer in various industries, including billing, drones and cloud hosting. Rimon enjoys being with his family and traveling around the world to meet family members and new people.

Jesper Drejs - Graphic Design, UX/UI

Jesper is our graphic designer/UX who handles all graphic tasks online and offline. In addition he contributes to concept development, copywriting, SoMe and other marketing activities. Jesper has a background in multimedia design and visual communication, additionally in digital marketing management and project management. He has many years of experience from both agency and in-house, and he has had his fingers in almost all types of marketing and communication tasks.

Dan Pagel - Technical Support

Dan is our technical supporter who handles everything that has to do with IT - installing software, buying and assembling hardware and more. Dan has had his fingers in many different things, e.g. production and development for Velux. Dan is interested in everything that has to do with new technology, but in contrast, he also has a great passion for long walks in nature.

Martin Nissen - Junior Software Developer

Martin is our persistent junior software developer, who can take credit for developing many of our most popular apps. He is a very skilled developer, who is able to solve both small and big problems. Martin enjoys spending time with his family, if he doesn't cultivate his interest in shooting.

Steen Aalberg - Neurooptometrist/external consultant

Steen founded his neuro-optometry clinic in 1992, and has worked with the sciences of vision and seeing as a natural part of his practice ever since. This solid professional foundation has made Steen a popular educator and speaker on the subjects of visual training and rehabilitation. More recently, Steen's knowledge and experience has also been useful in the development in software, where Steen serves as the scientific guarantor for EYEBAB's application development process.

Søren Lund - Chairman of the Board

As Chairman of the Board, it's Søren's responsibility to define the strategic goals for EYEBAB. Søren has a degree in Engineering and a strong commerical approach to any challenges, along with a solid foundation in sales, marketing and innovation from positions within companies such as LEGO, Hummel and STARK. He is the CEO of Nature Planet, and likes to lead an active life, with cycling and football being activities of choice.

Erling S. Pedersen - Consultant

Erling is attached to the EYEBAB organization as a consultant, with a primary focus on developing the sales model for the Danish market. Erling is an educated economist and was employed in leading positions in the financial sector, both in Denmark and the US, as well as for the last 20 years at municipalities and hospitals in Denmark. In his spare time Erling is a family man and physically active with cycling, fishing and hunting.

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